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Alembic Workbench User's Guide

Copyright (c) 1997 The MITRE Corporation. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

1. Some sample screen images

2. Project Overview

3. Installation and Technical Requirements

4. Starting and Quitting the Alembic Workbench

5. Using the Graphical User Interface: the Menus
5.1 The File Menu
5.11 Opening Raw Text Files
5.12. Opening SGML-encoded Files
5.13 Closing Files
5.14 Saving Files
5.2 The Tag Menu
5.3 The Options Menu
5.31 Auto Tag
5.4 The Utilities Menu
5.41 Find in Current Document
5.42 AWB Scorer
5.43 MUC Scorer
5.44 Process Text...
5.45 Learn Alembic Phrase Finding Rules
5.46 Perform Error Analysis of Rules
5.47 Extract Phrases
5.48 Compare Alternate Annotation
5.49 Segmentation Tagger
5.5 The Help Menu

6. Setting up and Editing the Tag Menu
6.1 Setting up a default Tag Menu
6.2 Loading and Editing Preferences
6.3 Tag Preference Editing Instructions
6.4 Special Purpose Attribute Values

7. Editing the Tagset Definition File

8. Normalizing and Preprocessing Files

9. Tagging Files for Entities

10.Tagging Files for Coreference
10.1 Simple Coreference Tagging
10.2 Complex Coreference Tagging

11. Tagging Files for Template-level Information
11.1 How to Set Up Relations Files
12. Limitations and Bugs
Any questions or comments about the Alembic Workbench project should be directed to:
David Day,, Principal Investigator.