TimeML Annotation Graphical Organizer

An ARDA Workshop on Advanced Question Answering Technology

April - June, 2003
James Pustejovsky & Inderjeet Mani, Organizers

In this workshop, we continue to develop the infrastructure for the annotation and adoption of TimeML as a standard for natural language markup of events and temporal expressions. The specific goals of this workshop are to:
  1. Create a graphical annotation tool for dense annotation tasks (such as TimeML);
  2. Embed an interactive closure algorithm into the annotation environment, which helps compute event and temporal relationships automatically.

Given that TimeML-style annotation is a useful (if not necessary) addition to any future efforts in question answering system design, we propose to address the above challenges in the following way:

  1. Inconsistency: Graphical annotation with closure reveals inconsistent mark up and catches errors.
  2. Density: The new tool will move away from textual annotation for links towards Graphical Annotation. Visualization is helpful in any link analysis task and reduces the cognitive load of the annotators.
  3. Speed: We will use radical mixed-initiative architecture, involving massive pre-processing and interactive post-processing (including temporal closure).
  4. Relevance: This new effort should build links to other communities, by showing value (e.g., Q&A, summarization, MT) with faster and more accurate annotation.
  5. Invalid Annotation: The new tool will be designed to XML-compliant, so it will only produce well-formed XML.

Important Workshop Dates

Workshop Kick-off Meeting April 1-2, 2003
1 Week Session June 9-13, 2003
1 Week Session June 16-20, 2003
1 Week Session June 23-27, 2003
Mid-term Review June 27, 2003
Virtual Session July 7 -- August 10, 2003
Workshop Final Presentation August 15, 2003

MITRE Organizers

Mark Maybury Email: maybury@mitre.org
Beverly Nunan Email: bnunan@mitre.org
David Day Email: day@mitre.org