TANGO - Annotation Tool

Two tools are currently needed to add TimeML tags to a document: Callisto and Tango. This is intended to be a temporary state of affairs since the long-term goal is to integrate Tango into Callisto or to make Tango completely stand-alone. Callisto is used to add events, timexes and signals; Tango is used to add tlinks, alinks and slinks. Callisto can be downloaded from http://callisto.mitre.org. Tango does not yet integrate with the newest Callisto version (1.2.0), download version 1.1.1 instead.

Once Callisto is installed following the instructions on the website, you'll need to download tango-20040912.tar.gz and unpack it using "gunzip -c tango.tar.gz | tar xvp". Use winzip on windows platforms. The archive contains six files:

  1. TangoTask.jar
  2. TangoManual.pdf
  3. commons-collections.jar
  4. grappa1_2.jar
  5. log4j_1.2.8.jar
  6. tango-20040912.jar
Put these files where you want your Tango installation to be. The file TangoTask.jar needs to be copied to the tasks directory of the callisto installation, this may overwrite an older version of TangoTask.jar. TangoTask.jar allows you to import and export TimeML files into Callisto. Double clicking tango-20040912.jar (Mac and Windows) or typing "java -jar tango-20040912.jar" (Linux and Unix) starts the tool.